Tree Removal Brisbane Northside

In many cases a Brisbane tree removal is desirable. There are many reasons for this. It may be due to extensions being undertaken on a house, preparation for a pool or car port being put in, the tree may have outgrown its location, or perhaps the tree is a weed species.

Many tree species introduced as garden ornamentals can get out of control where they provide seed for unplanned trees to pop up in your garden or somewhere else. Classic Brisbane examples of these are Chinese Elms and Cocos Palms. Many beautiful trees such as jacarandas and camphor laurels are considered low level weed species. There others which are considered noxious which means they are toxic to humans or animals, such as the very common oleander.

In all cases tree removal needs to be undertaken with the safety and skill that only a professional such as Teja can provide.

Depending on the situation, the tree may need to be climbed and branches dropped out one by one. In the case where there are fragile gardens, paving or buildings below, the branches may need to be lowered out with ropes, again one by one. In some cases, the tree may be able to be dropped as a whole if there is sufficient space into which it can land. In most urban and suburban cases, it is a combination of all the above based on sound technical expertise in taking out a whole tree.

Stump Solutions

There are many solutions as to what might be done with the remaining stump. It can either be ground completely down by our recommended contractor (All Sites Stump Grinding) and removed, or else left as a decorative totem on which to place pots or grow epiphytes (plants that rely on the support of other structures to grow such as some orchids or staghorns), the ground level stump can be left to slowly rot away into the earth, or else a chair can be cut into the stump as a commemoration for what was once there, providing a comfortable spot on which to enjoy your garden and contemplate life!

Vegetation Protection Order (VPO)

One essential consideration prior to deciding to remove a tree on Brisbane’s Northside is whether it has a VPO placed on it by Brisbane City council also Pine Rivers and Redlands council. This applies to street trees and a little-known fact is that it can apply to trees on your own property as well. If you remove a tree that has an VPO on it, you can be issued with a hefty fine. A quick call to your local council will provide you with the information you need about whether the tree you wish to remove has an VPO.

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