Tree Pruning Brisbane Northside

In nature, trees actually prune themselves, where branches that are not performing so well due to light restriction, poor growth pattern or disease gradually die off and then fall. Of course, in the suburban environment this is undesirable due to the unpredictability of when and where that deceased limb might fall. It is better to periodically take judicious amounts from a tree using correct and safe cutting techniques and a professional understanding of tree growth tendencies.

In terms of aesthetics and the human and built environment safety, it is desirable to have a professional such as Teja, come in and cut branches away to promote healthy growth and a beautiful shape. You may also need branches to be cut away from rooves and gutters, domestic power lines and to be relieved of the gamble of when deadwood might fall by taking it away before it can fall haphazardly.

Pruning Brisbane Trees

Another reason to prune your trees on Brisbane’s Northside is in the case of more dense plantings where dominant species can take over and crowd out other desirable plants, starving them of precious light. This gives a better shape and proportion to your garden trees and allows slower growing trees to flourish and other plants beneath to gain access to light.

Suburban property owners often seek to create natural screens between themselves and roads or neighbours. Where trees are planted close to a boundary, they will require regular pruning to keep them in check so they don’t crowd each other out or encroach on fences, neighbouring properties and public spaces such as footpaths. It is the responsibility of the property owner to appropriately manage their trees. If a neighbour chooses, they can organise for your trees to be cut back on their side and hand you the bill. This isn’t in your best interest as you may be overcharged, nor is it in the tree’s interest as they will only be cut on one side and thereby not treated properly as a whole entity.

Most trees in Brisbane respond well to being professionally pruned, stimulating flower and fruit production where desirable.

In the case of large trees, Teja can either climb up, using a harness and ropes and prune it from within using a small climbing saw, allowing him to access all areas of the tree. In smaller trees and shrubs where perhaps just a ‘lift’ is required to get branches clear of head or fence height he may be able to use an extendable pole saw from the ground.

All debris can be completely removed from the site or depending on the situation, may be able to be left to rot down as valuable mulch and in line with your personal preference.

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